• Barbacoa Breakfast Tacos

    Barbacoa Breakfast Tacos

    Breakfast Tacos. With Barbacoa. That’s right – they’re amazing.

  • Crawfish boils – more than just the crawdads

    The joy of a crawfish boil is not just in the cooking & eating of crawfish. It’s the entirety of the affair: Friends, family & neighbors coming together to socialize around food. It’s an event, not just a meal.

  • Bolongo Bay trip, St. Thomas

    Bolongo Bay trip, St. Thomas

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  • Mom’s Hot Chocolate

    Mom’s Hot Chocolate

    Warm, creamy hot chocolate that’s easy to make.

  • Tortilla soup tacos

    Tortilla soup tacos

    It started with this tweet: I need to capture the essence of tortilla soup …in taco form. How?! — Chris Lauzon (@squireX2) August 15, 2013 Yumm, right? Alrighty, I have an idea for dinner. My thinking is this: You’re pretty much making the soup, minus the wet parts. Chicken, vegetables, spices, just no broth. I…